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Started by masonspappy, August 17, 2014, 01:57:32 pm

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Playing with highly realistic images incorporating exaggerated or stylized lighting elements.
In this case, the sun contributes to the illumination but is not the sole source of illumination.
This image reuses the covered bridge model I built last year in blender but the landscape is quite different.
Curious as to what other people's observations/reactions/crits might be.

Lady of the Lake

Would the bridge light shine so brightly with all the available sunlight?  Just asking, because to me somehow it seems a little off.    I really like how the sun shines through the parts of the bridge though.


Quote from: Lady of the Lake on August 17, 2014, 02:12:03 pm
Would the bridge light shine so brightly with all the available sunlight?  Just asking, because to me somehow it seems a little off.   

Under real-world conditions, no.  But I've been studying paintings by other artists and their (very popular) images seemed loaded with inconsistencies such as you pointed out. BTW, attached is the foundation image that the title picture is created from.


Hey Cam,

This is great. You got the model in and placed it and worked it into the scene really well.

My advice for what its worth, render another image of the same scene same camera view, with lots of bump, or some displacement. Then in PS put one over the other and mask out the parts that look better. So if the plants don't look good with RTO off, then keep those parts, but let the displacement of wood and stone wall, and the roof really come through.

Rendering twice is still the only way to get the best of both worlds in TG. But fortunately, we'll get a better option soon.

Anyway, the point is, that this scene just needs a little more depth from bump or displacement on the models.
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I think if you move the sun slightly more to the right, so it strikes the bridge side on a narrow angle, it can give quite some bump on the planks, if you raise that bump to say 2-5cm. Same with the roof.

In the first picture there's clearly a mismatch between where the glowing sun is and the shadows and that's too bad, otherwise I really like the lighting. I also like the field and the whole setup, so keep on going!


I agree with Dune also everything is too clean and precise it needs "dirtying" up.


Interesting effect.
I am not sure I understodd your goal though.
At the moment for me the first image looks somehow "paranormal", I expect there to be another lightsource out of view, an UFO perhaps. Is that your idea? Or are you just after some subtle glow? or a surreal effect?
There sure is a lot of potential for either variant in using aditional lightsources.
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I like the first image. Agree with Dune and mhaze regarding their suggestions; and, maybe using one of the 'softer' filters when rendering.


Tried incorporating most of the suggestions.  I'd actually moved the sun as Dune suggested, only to move it back when other lighting element s had change.
I'm not really trying for a 'surreal image' (although I've surely come close to that a couple of times).
What I am trying for is an image where the lighting elements highlight areas that would not normally be lit. The idea is that it adds more detail to an otherwise mundane image.  THere are a few more things I want to try, but this image is very close to what I was trying to achieve.
Thanks all for the input.


I like this a lot. The lighting is the important element; and, the arrangement of the elements make a fine composition.


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A bit late but stellar image mate. A big fan of lighting and you did this very well.
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