Started by yossam, November 25, 2014, 09:31:54 PM

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It's looking really good, Richard, but there's one or two things I would do to it. Hesitate to mention them, but I still do. See what you do with it, it's a great entry anyway.
1. Reduce the huge stones at the coast; they actually quite large (5-10m?), which isn't too realistic. You should (or better said; I would) try stones of max 1meter and a narrower line. And perhaps a very few bigger ones.
2. Take the warp out of the foam fractal, and stretch the fractal a bit (1.5 or so)  in the travelling direction.


Once more into the breach................. ::)


Try a painted mask for your wake. You can locate it by adding a transform shader, and taking the ship's location and angle.

The rocks are so much better now!


Worked on the rocks some more...........also the wake. Pretty happy with the pic. For all intents and purposes this is finished. I still got a month to tinker............ ;D

My new rig will be here next week................gotta render it one more time just for the hell of it.  :-*


Looking very good. And, congrats on the new rig.



Beautiful! Looks very Lord-Of-The-Ringish!


wonderful consistent render from one side to the other. Very deep and rich color and value!
It has been eaten.


A really epic scene, they look like they are on a mission!
massive sense of scale...
keep on!