What do you do first when making a scene?

Started by elipsis1, December 18, 2014, 08:40:31 am

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Hey guys,

I was thinking this may be a good thread idea...

What are some things that you do every single time you start a new scene?

Atmosphere tweaks?  Sunlight settings?



I usually start by removing the default terrain to start my own terrain.

In atmosphere settings I bump the height by adding another zero for bluesky heighy and haze height (creates a realistic atmosphere like seen on earth, default settings have a extremely low atmosphere) I then bump haze up to 2, for better light capturing in the sky.

The sun I change from a blue hue, to a white-yellow hue as our sun Sol produces.

I usually change the bluesky color to a bit lighter tone, and the redsky decay to a bit more of a orange tone for sunsets and lighting.

Theeen, I start whatever I was intending to do in the scene.


Thanks! This is the kind of info that will help me out :)