Started by Brrrt, December 31, 2014, 08:12:51 am

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Is this action not allowed, is it a crashable situation or an incorrect use of shaders by a noob?
Because when I connect the Multishader to the Mask shader of the Fractal Terrain TG crashes twice.


Setup: Win8.1 x64, 4 GB, TG 3.2.03


Yep, the multishader is not supposed to be used for this. It's an old shader for objects, better forget about it. Where did you get it from anyway? you can only copy it out of an object, I thought.


So how should I combine them?
I was trying to use them for some kind of iceberg thingie.
Just put them under each other under the SSS?
Or use the Mixshader?

I found it in the Other Shader menu.


Possibly you want to use one of the Merge shaders?

The Multishader probably should not be visible anymore. I'll look into it.

- Oshyan


A default shader is a nice one for icebergs; with a (blue white) color pf you can feed the color, translucency and luminosity to your taste, give it some reflective quality as well. Feed the output of the default shader into the child input of a surface shader.