Started by Dune, January 25, 2015, 03:14:21 am

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Hi, Ulco. I've been doing something like this recently for someone with a Card object(Haven't forgotten you, E! Just been busy).
Try inputting 'Default Shader 02' into 'A Smoke' and set the 'Glass Shader' as its child. Now the transparency will only be applied to the smoke area. The Default Shader opacity will completely remove the black area of the Card so, there will be no transparency applied there.

* And reposition the fractal child, of course.


Rock faces look great.
It has been eaten.


I missed saying, those mountain walls are superb. I would like to see more of this kind of work. Also, your tree models are choice.


Thanks, guys (and good to hear from you, Martin). BUT, it won't work. Opacity doesn't seem to work with a projected image. At least, I can't get it to work, or my brain has been deteriorating lately.
Strangely, in a simple setup, there's no haze, but in the mountain file there is. Maybe it's the clouds that have an influence....
Anyway, here's some file to play with, see what you can make of it. Changed the TIF to a JPG, for posting.


Forgot these; when making the plane/card enormous, covering the whole area (so not to have the edge), this is what happend. Strange, huh?


There is a solution probably Ulco but i haven't found one yet.
Not sure if it has to do with the using of nodes or a card issue or kind of a bug.

The only thing i can say is if you disable "Ray trace objects" you get different results.


Thanks Kadri. But that really is no option. I'll check it out later. Quite busy now.


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Quote from: Dune on January 26, 2015, 09:06:59 am
Thanks Kadri. But that really is no option...

Not surprised.

I found one with a merge node that kind of works. I will post it here.


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Might be a base for further play Ulco.
If you change the "Mix to A" settings value the cloud changes kind of its opacity.
With "Ray trace objects" on.

Still this should be easier to use at as it is.
Not sure if we miss a very basic different way or not.



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A little rant:

Nodes might be very powerful but i still feel that there should be at least a kind of a supernode for surface layers then small different nodes.
You use a surface layer but then you want to use opacity for example and have to use the default node or you want then transparency and have to use another node etc. mostly.
I think at least  a node that has all the features of the " Surface Layer", Default shader" and "Glass-water shader" (at least) would be very nice and made some things much easier.
And a separate mask input for all the different options (transparency,opacity,slope angle, color etc.) would be awesome.

j meyer

Ulco why are you using a camera projection here?
And is that essential to you?


Not going to comment on the issue (since I can't offer any thoughts) but I love, love this setup. Only maybe you need to model a more appropriate station/stop. :)


Thanks Kadri, I'll check it out, and see what this does in my official file. Thanks so much!

And, no projection isn't necessary, but it just turned out that way. A UV based plane may work better indeed. I'll revisit the file anyway, because I want the stones higher, but that's a bit hard with the track setup (smoothing can't be applied).


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Your setup doesn't work any different I'm afraid, Kadri; it still has the haze! I'll do some more experiments.


I think the problem is the Render Subdiv settings, it blurs the rocks behind the glass in that haze. And I can't get the opacity to work only for the cloud with the projection. I'll try a AV based plane.