Passing Rock of Gibraltar (WIP)

Started by 3Dships, March 06, 2015, 03:28:15 pm

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Hi! I like your render :)

I did a wake in Blender with the water simulation and then baked a hightmap in Blender for the use in terragen as a mask.


Thanks for liking (-: I've tried many different applications for generating wakes but I always resort back to bitmaps as it is "quick & dirty". Always a bit confusing the wake thing... In my view it consists of 2 related but separate components. A wave pattern & a foam pattern. I'm using a bitmap (I guess it's called "mask" in TG) for both in the images I've done so far.
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Cool stuff H4nz!
Welcome too!
Looking forward to seeing you around :)


Looks to me like you got all the basics of TG down really fast and really well.
Since you seem to get lots of energy and pleasure from doing ships you may want to focus on developing surface shaders...

In the major 3D softs, you either get when you buy, or through a 3rd party after, a large collection of material shaders made to work perfect in whatever renderer. So woods, metals, plastics, stones, so on. For example:
Sadly TG does not have this from anyone. So, if you are going to do lots of rendering with metallic objects....

Even with TG not displacing objects in a "normal way", something like a shader library could be very popular, you could even sell them on NWDA. As for me, I would really like to see stone and wood shaders, but I digress ;D
Anyway, just an idea for you if you need them anyway for your boats, why not think about making and selling them too, at a nice price ;)

In the meantime,  J meyer made and gave away a car with some really good metal shaders for TG. You may want to track him down and ask him about it. Looking at his files could really give you a giant jump forward on your surface work for your ships. (your making such fast progress anyway, may as well go warp speed)

Lastly, again just because this seems to be a real pleasure for you, how about trying to get something like this : other than the modeling part, should be pretty easy to get the textures in TG.

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Lol, too much praise... Let me get things straight here (-: Fair enough I've been doing 3D for quite a few years & got nice renders out of TG pretty quick but that was really due to TG itself & the kind people on this forum that left plenty 3D snippets for me to pull apart so I didn't have to ask silly questions. On top of that Dune left me various tips that will keep me occupied for a while.

My main interest in 3D is making ship models from drawings but generally I find surfaces / materials / shaders just a major pain because every application does them differently. So far I've just used very low poly single texture / material models that convert quickly. My high poly models have many different materials & it's going to be quite a job to get them rendered decently /-: I'm having a play with one right now & fiddling with the reflectivity shader...

I will defo have to get in touch with J meyer when the time comes as his Land Rover is in deed the best surfaced external 3D Model I've seen on this forum.

I'm no great fan of rusty ships & wrecks really!
The passions are the winds that fill the ship's sails; although they sometimes cause its destruction it could not proceed without them. -Voltaire-