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Started by ThinkPink, August 09, 2007, 12:12:21 pm

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today, i was experimenting with functions, trying to understand what functions are for and how i can use them.  :-\
After reading some of the tutorials, clicking in the node network, doing some settings and after many many many test renders i got an render image and my first thought was "Ahhh ... what's that". It was not the result i want to get (i was looking for same typical dunes "waves" for a desert image). So you can see, I don't understand this functions really :(

perhaps for the most of you 'hight-levels' this will be nothing new, but i've been very suprised and i think it looks funny - like dry grass or an endless grain field - what do you think?

In this sample the base of all are the Snow shaders of Lucio But i think, you can also use a normal surface shader.
Instead of white snow i used yellow sand in different colours (perhaps i should try it with several green colours).
The functions for the 'grass' you can see in the snapshot below:
The settings are:
constant vector 01:   1000     1000     1000
constant scalar 01:      800
displacement multiplier in 'Sand Basis':     1000

Camera position is very high!  3100m!
Render quality of the sample: 0.5
Render time (500x350 px):  1:13:35


This does look pretty good.  I want to experiment. 

So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Wow, nice work for sure.  I've been trying to do this myself, and was successful, but it took ages to render, so I abondoned it.

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Volker Harun

Very good result, thanks for sharing.


Can you tell if there's any difference in how much RAM this takes up and how much RAM is used in a grass population?  This could potentially be a good replacement for use in those scenes with billions of blades of grass. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


It's a very interesting idea!