Unreal Engine 4

Started by Seth, July 01, 2015, 05:28:39 pm

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TG3 Creative + Animation is $349, which is not cheap, but certainly not unusual in the world of this type of software. It would be nice to be able to provide an even less expensive version of TG at some point. But I wonder how those who could only afford $99 for the software, for example, could afford to render animations anyway, given the system requirements or the need to rent time on a render farm.

I think the simple reality is that rendering non-realtime animation is expensive in *any* currently available software, and probably out of the range of many hobbyists regardless of what software you're using. This is particularly true for *high quality* animation (which is probably why one can see so many low detail, flickery, noisy animation renders of both TG and Vue on YouTube). There are no easy answers unfortunately.

- Oshyan



Like I said you get 2 games with unreal engine. I just downloaded one of them from the app. Gonna see what I need to play it. Looks fun.
It has been eaten.