Basic crowd sim possibility

Started by Kadri, August 06, 2015, 09:08:02 PM

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Just playing.There are so many possibilities. Like objects in water.


Especially this possibility is nice. It is just a test so i did not bother to use an object sequence.
But with a walking,running etc. man object sequence this could be used maybe to some degree.


Cool stuff! Definitely could work well on water, at the least.

- Oshyan


Wow, Kadri, another milestone! Awesome. How did you move the boxes, move the basic object for every frame (repop)?


That looks amazing! Ulco's question came into my mind too.



Yep it is a basic repopulation with only changing the center values of the population
with lean effect and a basic rotation in time for the scond GIF.

With some additions from Matt and-or with plugins there could be many more things possible.

Hannes for some basic crowd motion tests i would love to see some videos with your bird object sequence :)


I think the birds sequence wouldn't be quite useful, because it is one (or a sequence of one) big object.
It would be fantastic, if we could use a sequence of one object, let's say 25 "frames" and repeat that afterwards, so that we have a loop instead of importing a huge object sequence for the whole animation.
Additionally it should be possible to offset the starting time for each instance of this sequence. Combined with your last try (animating the center of the population) we should be able to create a big crowd of people walking across a terrain without all of them marching in lockstep.


You just edited your posting, Kadri, didn't you? ;)
What do you mean by videos of my birds sequence?


Absolute terrific!

I have too many other open projects - otherwhise I'd really like to do some experiments too!  :)


Yeah, likewise. I'd love to but no time now; just got another commission  ;D >:(

So it's the pop that's moving, not the basic object.



Yes the population is moving Ulco.
Just guessing but with the current limitations a single moving object would be hard to animate over the ground (pivot point moving).
But for flying objects or water it could be desirable even.

Hannes, i mean for a test just one object (one bird) sequence would be enough (for a test).
More birds would be nice but for a flocking sequence 3-5 birds could be enough.

And i think it is not so hard as it looks.

Use one bird (you should have it already...just delete the others).
Animate it 10-20 frames. So much you want.
Then when you have say  "bird_001.obj" to bird "bird_010.obj" for example just copy them and rename the order with batch file renaming.Copy and batch offset the names so much you want.
You could have easily 10-20 etc. offset bird sequences in this way just in minutes.
Edit: You could use just images too maybe on card or plane objects.

Your bird object sequence wouldn't be so big in this case even.
If you want you can make same videos of course :D


I'll see, what I can do. Long time ago I created this object sequence by using a particle system that allowed me to use preanimated objects (with offset animation), and I used hundreds of instances.
I'd have to create one single bird and export one complete flapping loop. At the moment I don't have an idea how to create a realistic flying motion of this bird inside TG.



I am just having fun. Do what you want of course Hannes :)
It will work i am sure with flying things.

We can't play a object sequence or image sequence repeatedly so far i know as you said Hannes?
That would be nice. A sequence of 10-20 images or object sequences would be easier to handle then one to the length of the same scene.
It could be made but too much manual input needed.

Object collision detection would be great of course (did i just hear Matt swearing?) :D
I don't think that is in the list of new features and there are much more important ones.
But repeating of sequences (image or whatever) should be in the animation module if you ask me. Like oscillating etc.

Anyway.I will try a basic different scene with what we have just now. Just curious how it will look.

I edited the previous post ones again a little Hannes :)


QuoteAt the moment I don't have an idea how to create a realistic flying motion of this bird inside TG.
Crudely, perhaps an image map shader with a plan Y black to white gradient to cover the wings from the bird's back to the tips both sides, animated the same as the bird (in world space, so across terrain), used as mask for a vertical redirect shader in an animated loop, masking the mesh displacer.


Made a quick Xoio-crowd test. It's amazing, how the instances follow the terrain. Unfortunately none of them is walking...