Basic crowd sim possibility

Started by Kadri, August 06, 2015, 09:08:02 PM

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Between World War Z and Walking Dead  ???



Looks funny with cars. I used a gradient patch size of 1 for the compute terrain.

j meyer

Cool experimenting guys!  8)
Keep going!


I was preparing myself an objects sequence but for a test it is too cumbersome.
So i found this :

It is free.

This is the same box scene but with this horse instead.

Nacer Eddine

it will be interesting if the population is some asteroides turn arownd the planet or galaxy



It has been eaten.


Holy horse, that is amazing. A bit strange to be laughing after reading of Bob's demise, sorry about that, but it's really awesome. Great thread indeed, wish I had more time  :(



Yes very cliche but life goes on  :( It will be the same to all of us.

I have a basic but complicated to make scene in my mind just to test this more Ulco.
But i have to finish that damn animation. I will get back to this later ones more.


Holy cow, that looks damn good. When I saw this gif, I remembered that I have this OBJ sequence on my HD for years, but forgot about that.
Did you copy the sequence to get the whole length of the animation? If so, what is the most convenient way of renaming the copied objects?
Now, if we only could offset the starting points for the instances to get a more random look!



I use Total Commander since nearly 20 years Hannes.
It does have a batch file renaming command (beside many more things).
I first changed the naming order to have 3 digits.
With that 24 files i copied them to another folder and batch renamed that to begin
with "filename.025.obj" and copied the new files to the original folder.
So i had a series of files that ended with 048.
Then i made anther one series with the same procedure beginning with 049 this time.
Repeat the same so much you want. It gets even faster while copying the 48 files then 96 etc.
There might be other ways but it takes longer to write then doing actually. Very easy.

For offsetting , when you have done the above, copy all of the files and then offset-rename the file numbers.
That is much easier even :)

This is what we could have as a new option in Terragen. Offsetting image sequences and object sequences.
I think Matt could this apply very easily? We could use the same image-object sequence in this way hopefully.
Together with what we talked in the first page (repeating,oscialating etc.) using this kind of scenes would be very easy in Terragen.


Irfan View has a batch file renaming/converting feature as well. Maybe it's possible to do the job with it.
I know the principles of doing that, but I didn't know which is the most convenient way.

I remember someone of the planetside crew talking about an animation offsetting feature for individually each instance of the population. I guess it was said that this might be quite difficult to accomplish.
But if it would be possible to create a population of an object sequence of let's say 24 objects and you would be able to loop that sequence and to offset the animation once just for the whole population, you could create several populations of the same (24 instances) object sequence with different offsets and have enough variety. Maybe this wouldn't be as complicated to implement than an individual offset feature for each single instance.


Offsetting for each instance might be hard probably,i don't know.
But as a general option the animation module needs those options.
And there is a editing feature for individual instances for some closer editing if needed already.
They would be enough for me as a start at least.
You would have to deal with much less manual work and probably file sizes.