WANTED - hi-res 360degree spherical skies

Started by burgor57, August 14, 2015, 08:56:54 am

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Hi - I am creating 360x180 spherical panoramas for virtual tours. Many of the panoramas are taken from the air (drone) as so have no sky except for a few degrees above the horizon.  What I need is a range of standard spherical convincing looking skies I can drop into the panorama in Photoshop to make up the full 360x180 aspect fov. I could get Terragen and spend hours figuring out how to get what I want - or I could work with an experienced Terragen Guru who can work with me for a reasonable price per sky.  Anyone interested?
If so contact me at info@skylightpublishing.com
and if possible I need to see some examples of what you can do in this line. Not interested at all in terrain - just skies.
Almost without exception skies will but daylight mid morning or mid/late afternoon, with light clouds. Some will be clear skies, some may have higher atmosphere clouds. Anyway - who rekons they are up for this?