Adjusting PF with preview widow open crashes Terragen

Started by fleetwood, October 14, 2015, 01:38:21 pm

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Terragen crashes on adjusting the Colour offset of a power fractal while the display preview is open.

To repeat this crash :

Open default scene Terragen Windows. Leave the default 3d preview window active and in Terrain mode.
Right click on the node window and do Create Shader, Color Shader, Power Fractal V3. Leave it unconnected to any other nodes.
Open a default sized preview window that displays the image of the power fractal.
Go to the color tab of the fractal and start quickly sliding the Colour contrast, roughness and offset sliders.
Terragen crashes.


Yes, we're aware of this issue:,20436.0.html

The workaround is to connect the *output* of the node to another node. This can be done temporarily if you wish. It should prevent the crash.

- Oshyan


Sorry, didn't see the earlier report.

Thanks, for the confirmed work around. I suspected connecting the PF first helped but wasn't sure. I do use the visual preview of fractals all the time and tend to design individual fractals by appearance first and only later do I connect them in to the network.