trImage error again!

Started by Buzzzzz, August 18, 2007, 11:00:43 AM

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I just performed a search of the forum and came up with 5 posts about this error not counting this one.
You can see them here :

I have been fighting with this one for several hours with no satisfaction. The TGD has Three "Image Map Shaders" which are disabled as are the surface shaders they are attached to and I'm still getting this error. This should answer the question (Oshyan) about Image Map Size because there aren't any being used.

I now  have 4 Gig of memory in my machine so that shouldn't be the issue. Here's a shot of task manager when the error occurred.

I don't see anything about this in the list that Matt posted for the new update?
Jo said earlier that this is not a bug so what is it? It's bugging the Hell out of me  ;)

Update: I also restarted the OS several times and still received the error. However, when I disabled Hyper Threading the render has gone past the area of the render where I was getting this error. Good news I suppose?

Now to re-enable the Image Map Shaders to see what happens? To be continued.......


Task Manager shows it dangerously close to the 2GB per application limit. trImage is used to allocate space for the render buffers as well as other things, I believe, so there are a number of places it could be running into memory allocation problems. Many files are still loaded on loading a .tgd even if they're disabled too, and so they take up memory (objects for example).

What Jo meant by this not being a "bug" is that it's simply reporting a memory allocation error due to lack of available memory, which is a normal thing to encounter for an application. It is not an error in the memory handling in TG2 per se, it's just encountering a limit and reporting that - the cause of the error is the user trying to do too much memory-intensive stuff for a 32bit app. ;) It could perhaps handle the error better, but fundamentally the error is not due to a bug at least.

In any case it seems like your scene file is very memory-intensive for one reason or another. If you could describe it more or show lower-resolution test renders it might help in determining why it's so demanding. With 4GB of RAM the /3GB Windows switch might also help TG2 allocate more memory, but it's questionable whether that would resolve this problem.

- Oshyan


Thanks Oshyan,

I wasn't aware of the 2Gb per application limit. Duh  But since I disabled Hyper Threading no problems at all except that I can't do anything else while rendering? Which is the way the first TG was with my machine so I have learned to live with it. Back to rendering.  ;D

Have a Good One!


That's definitely an interesting bit of info Buzzzz. I'll see if development can glean anything from it. :)

- Oshyan