Bug with render being cropped when the option isn't set

Started by rajm, October 21, 2015, 05:24:34 am

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I saw this problem a couple of times yesterday.
I was turning crop on and off between rendering and also changing the size of the render (I also had 2 renderers and had a crop area defined only on the larger one and was swapping between the two renders and changing the image width/height on the larger render). I don't close the render window before starting another render.

I was seeing the render being cropped but the option wasn't on and the cropping wasn't in the right place (imagining for a moment that the option was set) it was only rendering an area at the top right of the render window of the same size as the real cropping area (which was somewhere in the centre of the viewport)

Is this a known problem or would it be useful for me to give more specific replication instructions? At the moment I can't get the problem to happen, I'll continue and see if it re-occurs



We're not aware of any such issue so if you can find concrete and repeatable steps to make it happen again that would be great to know. My first concern would be about there being 2 render nodes and switching between them frequently (which is fine in theory, it can just be confusing). This could easily result in confusion between the render nodes. But if the crop was not enabled in *either* of them, then that's clearly not the explanation.

Send us more info if/when you can.

- Oshyan