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Started by WAS, October 26, 2015, 04:16:16 pm

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May I please request that the User Contributed Tutorials get a face-lift?

The idea: Create sub-forums for Terragen, Terragen 2/3. Affectively creating a all-in-one source for tutorials that are Terragen. This also categorizing the content within, so we can make room for "Terragen 2/3" tutorials. I think this may be a good idea because I still see Terragen tutorials being written for the latest distributed version on Planetside on other websites such as the now closed Shadowness and DevientArt and miscellaneously on the web. This could get some interest on Planetsides newer products.

The most important little fix is the forum description. Maybe "Terragen 2/3" instead of just "Terragen 2". It's been some time since Terragen 3.0 release.



Quote from: Oshyan on October 26, 2015, 04:20:56 pm
Please read the sticky thread at the top of that forum:

- Oshyan

I would love to if I knew where anything went or was. It's a very cluttered wiki, and I've never been to good with them in general. I can format a post better then a wikia and markup. It's a little weird to expect forum users to use a wiki too. When I think wiki, I think plain text paragraphs, not tutorials with markup, images, etc. I think information, like the shader explanations. Are there other websites that use a wikipedia for tutorials?