1 to 4 to 9 - or: "edible or inedible?"

Started by DocCharly65, October 30, 2015, 11:28:23 am

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I played around...
Chimp buyed at TurboSquid, Plants from xfrog
Monolith was very hard to do... I started with a cube in Wings3D and worked on it until it had absolutely flat surfaces down to a millionth millimeter !!   ;D
... and a little dirt running down on the monolith for Ulco (hope you forgive me the joke) :P ;)



 ;D Too bad we can't read what the chimp is reading  :P




QuoteToo bad we can't read what the chimp is reading

I don't think he's reading anything, I think he's seeing stars ... If Dave Bowman is to be believed, that is ... :)



ok, so was there writing on the what·cha·ma·call·it from the movie, I can't remember now.

Funny render, I like it.
It has been eaten.


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Ok... I'll tell you what he thinks:
"...it's full of banana..."  ;)

To all who don't know 2001 and 2010 from A.C.Clarke yet - it's Scify but on higher niveau than Starwars. Worth, having seen it once at least.

This weekend I checked some ideas.
First I increased all plant's dimensions app. 3 times - I think it looks a bit nicer and denser now.
Not easy to find in the image: A parrot couple from Archive3D.net
Then I needed an amazing long time to adjust the moon for a natural look...
Also I changed some settings of the shore and exchanged the ugly low poly rocks by better ones...


After that I thought to try another model (Liberty statue by Jerry Fisher found on Sketchfab)
I also tried to get a better and smoother "wet area look" of the shore.
So welcome to my interpretation of the Planet Of The Apes:


And here I thought a 3D anaglyphic variation  would be nice too:


...that's it for today and the PC must go on now rendering his part of the "Viper In The Desert Animation"...  ;)
...still 5 renderjobs with each 500 Frames to finish.



Great stuff!
Love the concept and realisation....