More Cloud Tests with Terrain and Texture Test

Started by 3DnTechNut, June 05, 2016, 04:49:16 am

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Hello again.  I just realized that my last post, "Finally getting some clouds I am satisfied with." was posted in the File Sharing Area instead of the Image Sharing Area, sorry.   :-[

Here are a few more cloud tests over a terrain made with blinkfrog's Fractal procedural erosion shader public beta, really nice erosion, I like it a lot but I need to experiment more.  The terrain is textured with a new rock image map shader I made today in an older program I haven't used for awhile, TextureMaker 3 and projected through the camera. I think it looks decent in this scene but need to try it on a larger more open area.

The clouds all are made from the same atmosphere setup and cloud layer and the lighting is the same the only thing that was changed between renders was the noise flavor, Perlin, Perlin Mix1, etc.  The seeding was not changed between renders either.  I like the big difference that just changing the noise makes. The atmosphere is made up of a Cirrus layer that does not change from one render to the next and the Altocumulus 3D Layer that changes between Perlin, Perlin Mix 1, etc.

The Perlin Billows and Voronoi Ridges are really dark, the clouds blocked almost all of the light and the density isn't even very high, .05 for all of the clouds I believe.

The last picture has three layers, Cirrus, Altocumulus Perlin, and a low level Altocumulus Perlin Ridges fog layer.


Technically, an image is a file, but you know how it is....picky picky, lol. I am still trying to figure out why TG renders bmp and we can't post that image file extension.

Good clouds and I put a Godray link in your file sharing post.


BMPs are large, uncompressed, and inefficient. They are not viewable natively by most web browsers. So they don't work well for web viewing and discussion like this place.

- Oshyan