Mismatch between Micro exporter mesh, rendered image, and camera fbx export

Started by Chad, June 20, 2016, 03:13:48 pm

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Using 3.4, trying to figure out the relationships between the image, mesh, and camera exports.

What I want is to export a spherical image and mesh and have the image map onto the mesh.  This seems to work fine, except for objects closer to the camera, but even with the image projected from the camera location, it isn't matching up at all. 

What's the expected setup for this?


Hi Chad, welcome.
From what I can tell, you're exporting a geometry and texture yes? I can see the logic behind this.
What software are you reassembling the scene in?


I'm exporting the mesh and the rendered image, and I was expecting those to match up.

I'm assembling in 3ds max and Blackmagic Design Fusion, but it's offset in both.


Ok well that is understandable. Got any screenshots or examples to illustrate what you're getting?

It may be something as straight forward as regularizing the mesh using something like the retopologising tools in Zbrush/Mudbox.
Projected textures work best on meshes comprised of quads in my experience, especially if being projected quite close to camera.


So it turns out the image was just mirrored horizontally.  Like viewed from the outside of the sphere vs inside.

One thing I did notice though was a LOT of redundant triangles in the micro exporter mesh when doing spherical cameras.  The mesh was broken up into radial "tiles" with overlapping at the seams, and those overlaps cause z-fighting and other issues.  I can handle it now that I know what to look for, but it was really throwing me off.


Thanks for coming back and explaining the solution. This could help others.