2D Map to terragen to Unreal Engine

Started by romanbys, August 08, 2016, 04:23:22 pm

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Good day.

I'm looking to take a detailed 2D map (or multiple maps) with continent and island outlines as well as bodies of water and mountains etc. and import in into terragen to make it into a 3D represenation. From there after whatever work I need to do I want to export the hieght map etc. into Unreal Engine. This map would be on the large side so it would require outputting multiple tiled maps for Unreal to inport.

Is Terragen capable of this? Thanks!



What information is in your "maps"? Is it just the outline of continents or other geographic areas, or does it include representations of mountains and other features? Does it include any description of *height*? If these things are represented in the map somehow, you would need to determine how to translate them into Terragen features and functionality, specifically terrain displacement. It can be quite challenging to do this with any program, including Terragen, and get a realistic result out of it. It would help to see the maps (or an example of one) to give you more feedback.

- Oshyan