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Started by yossam, August 26, 2016, 04:19:38 pm

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Thought some of you might be interested.............check out the gallery.  ;D


Following on from reading this and a mention of it elsewhere I entered a few images in the evening, days before the deadline...
One of my own wildlife photos is a finalist. ;)
As a consequence I'll have a photo printed in a gallery near London Bridge!

Here's the photo and info:

Thanks very much for being one of the people to prompt me to enter!


Hey, great man! Congratulations. That's a really cool bear photo. Btw, you make some pretty neat work.


Great photo. Good luck in the contest............... :)


Thanks very much guys! I'll let you know if I win. ;)
The other entries are wonderful so I have pretty stiff competition.


Ha  ha ha, love that bear...good luck on the final, and congrats for being short listed...
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Jesus in heaven! That's what I would be screaming if I was ever in the woods as close to a brown bear as that image makes it feel. What's the way to handle an angry brown bear? Oh yeah: step 1 curl up in a ball on ground. Step2 get raped by bear. Step3 die in agony.

Great photo though. Very funny image!
It has been eaten.


Haha! Quite!
There was one night we had a local alpha, covered in scars from a recent fight, running round and round the hide trying to find where the squeaky noise was. I sold my squeaky camera shortly after. ;) My solution was to put the camera down, take deep breaths and drink tea. The hide was really a shed with unusually large openings covered in very thin camo sheet. The advice we were given was, "If a bear tries to come in the hide, punch it on the nose." At one point I was literally sitting there ready to backfist a bear.
Brown bears aren't so aggressive really. You can shout at them and they'll run away. Apparently.  :o


 ;D Really cool, though, to live with these guys in your backyard. I do hope you get a good price for that awesome photo. It was worth the anxiety, I guess.