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Started by ADE, December 11, 2016, 10:16:12 am

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not the best far by so....snow displacement a load too far, clouds I wanted more sharpness
thought id post it
I don't expect too many comment (just take your time)......
more to come eventually


Trust when I was gonna tell ya how much I liked this! Looking forward to progress on it.

Agura Nata

A nice start!
Since I love abstract pictures, I find the clouds fascinating  :D
"Live and Learn!"


Really not bad!

I like the clouds and the light over there very much!
With the snow you're right. The bumpiness disturbs the overall proportions a bit.
But no more comments for the moment - just waiting for the next version ;) 


Agree the snow is a bit much but I really like the over all image Ade...
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