The newest Teaser is out ;)

Started by DocCharly65, December 29, 2016, 11:05:55 am

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I didn't really believe that I could finish it in time... But here it is:

Teaser 161229 Startrek - The Farce Awakens

Most work was developing the Klingon language... and to babysit  ::) :o
But all of you will understand babies much better after that film  ;)
Many more info you can find in the credits. I am soooooo tired now.

Of course I could have done it longer but  think 10 min Teaser is OK.
...and I did not have enough suitable music for an extended version.
I hope you forgive me that many scenes are still missing... but it's a teaser, isn't it?  ;)

Now before I go to sleep for a loooong loooong time I wish all forum members much fun with the film, a happy new year and a peaceful, healthy, happy, successful and, of course, creative 2017!

j meyer

 :) Another nice one.
Cool integration of the JJ-prise.

Same to you Nils and, of course, to all of you as well.


Very nice Nils............enjoy your sense of humor. Get you some much deserved rest...........the best to you and family in the coming year.  :)


Nice :) 10 minutes...How long is it already roughly all together Nils?


Very well done! Quite an achievement with integrating two TG releases for your final teaser. Amazingly seamless scene blending. Good job.


Fabulous! "Lens Flare Enterprise" just blows me away, you can probably build a 10 minute teaser with that model alone. :) Great music, too. And Klingon baby talk, two thumbs up!  8)


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Downloading now, as vimeo is stuttering and halting on my phoneline. But for now, Nils, rest well and see you here in the new year. Have a great 2017! I'll comment later.

Just saw it and it is really a fully fledged movie. Great work and extremely funny. Some parts are very subtle and give a great feeling of detail, like the fireflies, and other little movements of objects. The rotating fans in the spaceship are terrific too; object sequence, or did you rotate by hand in the animation? I very much enjoyed the voices and smalltalk of the robots, absolutely hilarious! 


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Thank you so much. Just the fun you all perhaps had was worth the work  :)

I already found some embarrassing mistakes I will correct ASAP: My english spelling is obviously catastrophic... So I will change "lenseflares" into "lens flares" and "myth bustet" into "myth busted"  ::) ;D
Feel free to comment more of these mistakes in the titles and subtitles - the day before yesterday I thought about showing the film one of you natively speaking English forum members for a spell check - but I was too tired, impatient and nervous  ::) ;D.

Anyway I must wait for uploading the next version until I have enough memory budget at Vimeo again. It is limited to 500 mb upload per week and I needed almost 2 days just to get a balance between quality and memory requirements of the film.

Now some answers to your questions:

@ Kadri: I think including the other rendered scenes it must be about 15-20 min. The last final explanatory resolution will be about additional 10-15 minutes. The whole project includes now more than 779 GB in 3,787 folders with 270,058 files (TGDs, TGCs, objects, textures, testframes, frames and soundfiles... )

@ luvsmuzik: In fact I was nervous if the TG3 and TG4 renders look good together - especially the space scenes. The Abrams Enterprise is TG4 with many starbursts so I added some postwork starbursts to the TMP Enterprise (TG3) with proDAD Vitascene. The flight into the docks is completely rerendered in TG4. The scene of the Viper in the desert fortunately didn't need any modification or rerendering.

@ otakar: Thanks - the Klingon baby talk was a flash of inspiration when I sat for a coffee at my friends house and filmed him and his "talking" baby. I anyway had the problem that I never would get enough voice talents for the film.

Now I have to do a decision: Will I give a baby voice to all characters in the film or is this idea now consumed and trite? I will never get all the original characters to speak in a little fan project!  ;D

Please you all feel free to comment this idea - or send me recordings of baby babble if you support a fully baby babbled film  ;) ;D 8)

@ Ulco: The rotating fans in the Abrams Enterprise are both! The fans themselves are 4 manually rotated objects I separated from the whole model. The plasma like glowing behind the fans is a overlay file I bought from and projected onto the corresponding background object behind the fans.

For the moment I am quite empty...  ;)  And untill now this was the easy part of the film!  ;D ;D

Perhaps I will do another teaser with some finished parts during 2017. Unfortunately I cannot talk bout the final end scenes because the fun and the surprise would be Irretrievably destroyed.  :-X That will be a hard time for me because I cannot share much in the forum and learn from your comments...  :-\ :'(

Anyway thanks for your support and motivation again :)
CU in 2017

... and now I have to turn the heating up  ---   It's very very cold in this room since not all PCs are rendering  ;D ;D ;D


Thanks very much, Nils, for taking the time to answer all. What a f**g huge amount of files, I would be absolutely terrified I lost it (or it got garbled and unretrievable).

Please not all babytalk! And some spelling mistakes might be fun in fact.


Yes Ulco, I would be absolutely terrified I lost it, too - thats why I have a complete copy of all files on every rendering PC and two addidtional external USB Drives. And all are synchronized at least once a day  :o ::) :)

No more baby talk?  ;)
I thought it too - Ok let's wait what the others say - I will join the majority  :)

I hope I can count on some native english speaking forum members here then?  ??? ;)


Whatever you need my friend...............just ask.  :D  Stay warm.............

j meyer

Agree with Ulco, babytalk for the whole movie would be too much.

Looking at all the spelling mistakes of our native english speakers
you'd be better off relying on a good dictionary methinks. ;)


Quite a lot of files Nils.

Quote from: j meyer on December 30, 2016, 11:28:39 am
Looking at all the spelling mistakes of our native english speakers
you'd be better off relying on a good dictionary methinks. ;)

::)  ;D


How about confining the babytalk to Klingons, that would work for me (don't know how long the final Klingon scene will be, though). If you need some voice actors, maybe people here would volunteer unless you are looking for studio quality sound, which someone like me cannot provide ;)

lat 64

Quote from: j meyer on December 30, 2016, 11:28:39 am

Looking at all the spelling mistakes of our native english speakers
you'd be better off relying on a good dictionary methinks. ;)

Hey! I resemble that! ::)

Very fun video. I'm in awe.
And what, no Heart of Gold?

Happy new year

I'm a half century plus ten yrs old. Yikes!