Started by Hannes, March 31, 2017, 10:19:23 am

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I found this beautiful model somewhere on the NASA website. Unfortunately I forgot where exactly it was. The only model of the ISS in high res I can find now is the .lwo here:
Somewhere at NASA's I found the whole thing as a blender model with an extra folder containing lots of textures. However, it seems to be the same model.

When I first opened the model after I had converted it, I was blown away. It's incredibly detailed and I thought, man, this must have been a lot of work!
After I saw, that this model has more than 1300 (!) different shaders, I thought, man, this is going to be a lot of work!
Actually, this amount of textures is absolutely unnecessary. For example there are hundreds of similar plain grey shaders, sometimes one shader per bolt, so I tried to reduce the amount of shaders to be able to edit the whole thing.
It took me about two weeks to reduce the shaders to a total of 58. I threw out even a lot of those that contained texture maps. Some of the maps only showed simple colors, so this was easy to do.
I had to recreate some of the structures, because some of the normals were completely messed up, and even PoseRay couldn't fix it. Then I created some bump maps out of the existing ones, and I made a completely new texture map for the large solar panels, because the original ones were too lo res.
I had a look at lots of reference images and tried to make it look as photoreal as possible. The earth has some very high resolution texture maps. The cloudmap for example is a 43K texture. Additionally I added a cloud fractal to the cloud layer's depth modulator.



WOW! Stunning render!! 8)
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Amazing, beautiful work.


Waste of time. Haha, no I didn't mean that. Incredible job, Hannes. I know some of these models with all the 'wires'. Lots of work indeed.


Just to be clear, the image in your post is a TG render???

It is stunning!  :o

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Beautiful work and compliments on your patience wrangling in into shape. I've done that to some models as well but rarely with as good an effect...Have you sent a link to NASA?, they might like this for some promo work, seriously.
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Great render and a remarkable amount of shader optimizing.


What a hardcore job! And what a impessive and good result!
An absolutely amazing job, Hannes! Congratulations!

And believe me! I know, what you did! I gave up exactly the same job a week ago!  ;D ;D ;D

I started with the single modules version. I think it was an idea from a time when no of my PC could open the whole model at once  ;D
It consists of 47 single objects which must stuck together. Rest is identically to what you told. I gave up after 7 Modules...


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Wow Hannes, this is spectacular! I played with a bunch of different ISS models a year or so ago trying to find the best one, but never had one of this quality, detail, and realism. For the Earth textures, are you using the high resolution cloud map to mask TG clouds? Also, what is the bright white folded section on the right? Is that untextured or just very bright/exposed?

- Oshyan


Full marks for perserverance! well done.
Could it be this model ...

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Thank you all!
Oshyan, yes, it's a high resolution cloud map. I don't remember, how these white things are called (I'm not at home atm), but it is some sort of heat reflector, and looking at the reference images, it seems, it's some sort of white fabric (?). Even on close up images there is no noticeable structure, so yes, it's just a plain very bright grey shader.


This is so FAKE!
I thought.... but no, not so... I am happily agog, dribbling...
Phenomenal effort, and an exceptional result... this is PHOTOREAL!
Hello @NASA!