Can't download

Started by archonforest, August 10, 2017, 12:12:44 pm

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Trying to get 4.1 but getting errors message saying not valid email.  I tried with 3 different addresses but non worked. Is this happening because I try to download it with my phone?
Dell T5500 with Dual Hexa Xeon CPU 3Ghz, 32Gb ram, GTX 1080
Amiga 1200 8Mb ram, 8Gb ssd


Strange. I take it you're downloading the free version? Depending on the phone it should work, but of course... you can't *run* it on your phone. ;) Also if you have an ad or script blocker that could cause problems.

I've just tested it now and it's definitely working, at least in Firefox.

- Oshyan