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Started by Dune, December 02, 2017, 02:28:30 am

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I had to do these 'pre-versions' before a very tight deadline, so a lot of loose ends and low-res still, which I will address later for finals. Some Dutch landscape to be altered.

Denis Sirenko

Good rustic landscape. Especially for WIP. Just like in Russia! The only thing, it seems to me, that people are too small. I compared it to the grass. Especially seen in the "eindconcept vanaf Del laag.jpg".


Thank you, Denis. Yes, I thought so too, but it's all the good sizes. The 'big grass' patches are reeds, and they can get 2m high. I may have to use a different obj or more variations of reed. The white flowerheads all over that raised body of land (dike) are too uniform and just one species, and they may well be too big (old object I hastily threw in). Water lilies are bad also.
But I certainly need to address that size issue.


Very nice renders Ulco.They look real.


Agree w.Denis on scales but if the white flowerheads are yarrow they could easily be that large here. Like, as always, where this is going.
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Really fine vegetation work Ulco.  I agree about the sense of scale as well, even if the measurements are scaled accurately, that doesn't always mean it 'looks' right. Is that your basic river setup from your NWDA offering?


Very realistic, great veg. Last ones my favourite


Great images. I love how you can see your style in them. I'd love to poke about there or go for a picnic :)
There's something oddly repetitive about the Cow Parsley/Yarrow? (white flowers) in the second image.

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I agree, these are great, WIP or not. I especially like eindconcept-west-oost laag.jpg

- Oshyan


Thanks guys. I just had a few hours to finish these, and had to resort to some quick pops. The whites are cow parsley, but only one pop of bad manufacture  :P Same as the lily pads. That will be improved!
The terrain is based on a blue-red heightmap from AHN (unfortunately they have a flexible system, where the reds change when you change the close up area, so it's hard to stich a high res map from several views), and I added some 4000x3000px greyscale maps for the 'new' ditch versions (softer edges), raised dike, and the heathland terrain.
So no river setup, Doug.
For the people living there this is indeed a nice terrain to stroll through, as it's a few hectares surrounded by masses of industry and glasshouse cultivation! See this (bad mapping too, still).

j meyer

Amazing, especially when considering the tight time frame.


Well, I had the overall setup ready, but not the detailed renders; they had to be done in half a day.

Anyway, some improvement with new cow parsleys. Still have to replace the grey chunk on the left with a real greenhouse and a house, and perhaps some more stuff. Some swallows over the water maybe....


Much better with the new Cow Parsleys. Some of the repetition (still noticeable in the nearer ones ) may be natural anyway. What's the purple flower?
And are those your "Dunes Reeds"? They are my "goto" reeds pack :)

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Denis Sirenko


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I think it's one of the reeds pack, not sure though. The purple one is Lythrum salicaria (Purple loosestrife). Yeah, I noticed the repetition, so I can always make a third version and mix more carefully.

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