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Started by uuderzo, June 10, 2020, 07:41:48 pm

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So... i'm really considering to buy a license... limitations of the free version start to be annoying.

But i'm really puzzled about what license to go.
First of all, due to my forma mentis, subscription is a no go, so i largely prefer a perpetual license.

But the Pro version is a big bucks for me so i was wondering if the license is upgradeable when necessary.
I mean, starting with Creative and upgrade if i need it.

For me, professional has some interesting features like render layers and elements, so i suppose i can do post processing compositing in Photoshop.
But what layers can be exported?  I mean, are layers intended to be albedo/reflection/depth and so on or are they intended as picture elements like terrain, objects, clouds? I didn't find much info about this point.

One more puzzling point is the "custom object mesh deformation" feature. What it stays for? Is it like a transformation matrix or is it something more spicy?

And last question... Do Planetside allow license transfer to a third party in the case i decide i no more need it and want to recover some bucks?

Thanks! Umberto


Check out this link for some of the answers to your questions.  Yes you can upgrade from Creative to Professional.


Also here is the info on Render Elements/Layers:


There is the Free StratusCore Trial as well.  Never tried it myself but it sounds like it gives you access to Terragen 4 Pro for 3 hours at a time:

The nice thing about a Perpetual License is you get 1 year of maintenance included with it, so even for a year after you buy you will be getting all updates (even if there is a major version update during your 1yr.).
Then if your happy you can skip a year or two before renewing your maintenance and renew it whenever you need Updates, and Priority Support again.

I have never tried object deformation but I think some users use it to make trees sway and things like that.



Thanks Derek, your reply was very useful!
I didn't know about the WorkFromHome discount, this makes the Pro option very interesting!

Thanks! Umberto


After long ponderation about pros and cons of Creative/Professional/WorkFromHome (5 minutes) i went for the Professional.
Now i'm a proud Terragen owner ;D

Hope this will lead to somewhere interesting.


Good and welcome again! Hope to see more from you...