A hobbit hole to Dvorak's 9th Symphony

Started by DocCharly65, August 13, 2018, 05:02:16 am

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You're right too, Kadri.

I tried to lower input sensitivity via shown options in the manual with that device but they had no effect.
I am quite sure. that clipping together with the (necessary) increasing of the play speed causes that weird and bad sound.
Additionally there's a slight room hall especially disturbing at low frequencies, I couldn't get rid of.
I tried to compensate with some filters but playing around with filters for days isn't my favorite way if I can set up a small recording studio.... wow - right now I remember I have still an almost new Behringer 16 channel mixer from my time as hobbymusician... somewhere...  ::) ;)

The other funny thing is - I have several of these headphone mics too, but in the meantime, the number of my render PCs has risen and the whole room is full of NAS drives.
In comparison, it would be  even quieter on the Enterprise right next to the Warp drive @ warp 7.9.  ;D ;D
I personally don't mind and I don't feel disturbed by that noise at all, but mic recordings are incredibly noisy.

Because I was too lazy to set up a recording room so far I just wanted to try if the recorder works good enough.
I'll probably dig around in some old moving boxes ... It's going to be fun! ;D


Have you tried simply recording in a smartphone?


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Nice idea Ulco :)
I'll give it a try one of the coming weekends...
I don't know anything about the recording quality of my HTC - let's see. The sound quality they say would be be excellent even in the mobile network.


Even a basic microphone should give you decent/acceptable quality IF the room/environment is reasonably quiet! Environment noise is often one of the biggest issues with home recording. If you don't solve that problem, there is not a good enough microphone to give you good recording. ;) The only thing a smartphone could do that a regular mic might not is noise reduction, which is imperfect.

- Oshyan


I'll test all the offered solutions - thank you all.
I think the usage of a quiet environment with a at least "OK-quality" microphone will be the best.
As I said - it will be funny to dig around in my old moving boxes and use my old equipment :)


Just get up in the middle of night and record in the garden  ;)


Quote from: Dune on March 26, 2019, 04:45:10 am
Just get up in the middle of night and record in the garden  ;)

including natural cricket voices...

;D ;D ;D


Btw, I had not actually watched the video yet when I made my previous comments. Now that I have, regarding the audio, I could understand about 50%. I think the levels (loudness) was a big part of that problem actually. But I *liked* the sound of your voice and accent with the narration, and your intonation. I think it is good for you to narrate it, and I do hope you can improve the recording quality.

Regarding the video itself... every time I see something you do, I comment how impressive and cool and fun it is. This is no exception. But I have to say also that I am particularly struck in this case by how *well-imagined* and creatively beautiful this is. The transition from hobbit hole to ship in space is both funny *and* beautiful, both in concept and execution. This is not just a silly romp using quick and low quality work to simply achieve a given comedic or storytelling goal, which I think many people resort to when they have such non-traditional story ideas and humor-focused approaches. So one of the things that really makes your work stand out is the wonderful combination of comedy, reverence for the source material, attention to detail, and quality in execution. Amazing stuff.

- Oshyan


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Thanks to all and a special thank you to the warm and motivating words of Oshyan :)

I don't know any software or software forum where a such motivated creative and human community is standing behind the forum. And this including the Planetside staff supporting us not only pre- or after sales but also being part - creative part of the forum. So thanks again :)


March 28, 2019, 04:49:56 am #41 Last Edit: March 28, 2019, 04:53:40 am by DocCharly65
A big part of success for my circumstances! :)

I tested my Magix Music Editor3 and the Trust Emita USB Studio Mikrophone.
I totally had forgotten that I have this nice recording tool. And it cleaned almost perfectly my recordings from all PC-fan noise.

I will go on playing around to get rid of the room hall but I think now the text of "Bilbo Kirk" is much better understandable!

I hope I will fast enough learn more about YouTube playlists. Then I can upload part by part of the whole film in 10-max. 20 minutes parts so that I meet the e.g. Paramount fanfilm rules. It will be a big patchwork of parts in the correct sequence, which will be filled more and more until you have the complete film you can watch almost seamlessly via playlist.


Much better indeed :)

The thread about Topaz gigapixel just came to my mind. If you are still rendering at half HD did you think about it Nils?


Now you can hear your narration. Great!


Yes! Much better. And I cannot tell you how much I like the transition of the Enterprise from Hobbiton to space. Cool!