A hobbit hole to Dvorak's 9th Symphony

Started by DocCharly65, August 13, 2018, 05:02:16 am

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Thanks :)

The next try is already planned but I must wait for this device:


I hope finally to get rid of the last remnants of the room reverb. If this works I need not to create a recording chamber.


Ok... enough for the moment... I will leave it as it is for now. A friend as "test audience" confirmed the sound quality as appropriate :)

In fact I could get rid of most noise and reverbs.

I deleted the old versions and added the German version on youtube.
I'll probably merge the entire story patchwork-like, so that everyone who follows the youtube channel with time, the story understands better and better.
In this way I am not dependent on the sequential completion of all animations in the correct order but can also upload small episodes in chronological order with gaps.

Now here is the final Intro
in German:
in English:

This should be the channel:

...and now I'll go on with the safari animation... there'll be one or more surprises - promised ;)

Ariel DK

Okey, this is just a fantastic work!!!
I never laughed so much watching a Terragen animation ;D
And technically, well, i have no much to say about that  hehehe
Just keep up the good work!
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?


Thank you Oshyan and Ariel for your first comments on my virgin and newborn YouTube channel :)
That is a big motivation and of course I'll do my best :)

One of the coming steps is: I could set the scene to music, which would come chronologically direct after the intro: The Klingons scene, followed by the Darth Vader- and the Borg-Queen-scene. This could be the first "real" episode meeting one of paramounts fan-film rules: it must be less than 20 minutes...

I hope I'll get the music score done ...