End of the Rainbow? New Map Scale Is More Readable by People Who Are Color Blind

Started by WAS, August 14, 2018, 09:02:20 pm

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Now this I can get behind, this is really cool, and you'd think completely necessary. While I don't think it'll be the end of the rainbow, I do think it should be the standard for the public and basic publication.



Ahhh, yes. Solutions like that could as well be useful in CG programs too for anyone who has colorblindness. :)

In my case, I can see a rainbow consisting of only two colors! Blue and green. :-[ Sometimes, a little bit of red maybe. Colors that are too close to one another are simply mixed up and blend in my eyes.

Still, in gaming, some solutions for color-blind people are a complete fail to say the least. In the Tropico series, where you need to determine best conditions for crops or toursim, green-yellow-red gradation is used and it might be problematic for someone who confuses colors.

Since Tropico 3, there is an option that allows you to switch to colorblind mode but it is an utter chaos as there is only creamy color and some shades of grey present. While people can usually understand that "red=bad, green=dream", there is still not much explanation what the values for "colorblind" sets are... Especially that various developers use different color frames - some use green-to-blue mechanism. Yet others black-and-white.

I appreciate the fact game and software developers keep colorblind people's needs in mind, but sometimes it's still quite confusing...

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