Erosion in 4 renders

Started by luvsmuzik, November 10, 2017, 06:41:10 am

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Made a little muddy creature with Blender 2.79 skin modifier. just some little scaly crawler. Crustified protective hide.
Still an erosion scene with Danill's Classic Erosion.


So... Tyrannosaurus,  Triceratops and ...?


Quote from: masonspappy on June 15, 2018, 07:15:27 pm
So... Tyrannosaurus,  Triceratops and ...?

Clearly Displaceasaurus Magnificus


So here is another Classic Erosion with rivers.

Frontier 4.3.09 TG4 trying the new layer displace and color enhancements . very early WIP

MPD0.6 AA 4


A little bit of everything


4 tree populations
painted shader masking  (I tried using the rivers color layer as a mask with no luck. Does this need a color adjust node before piping to density node of tree object?)


Depends. If your river color is very dark, it wouldn't mask much. White is obviously masking most, so you should try to turn it as white as possible.


The last one is an interesting POV on that valley. Go on :)