Pyroclastic smoke column

Started by Hannes, October 26, 2018, 05:32:18 am

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After endless tweaks and rerenderings it's done (I think...).
As I wrote, the twister's rotation is inverted, and I think this was really important. The bushes are animated and there's another car and another guy. Also an idiot, because he didn't stay in the car.

I had to cheat a little: I added the splashes on the car, which are basically the same objects like the splashes on the road, but unfortunately after adding those, TG crashed each and every time after 5 to 10 frames, no matter what I did. I paused the preview, I restarted TG, I even restarted Windows and didn't touch anything but TG's render button. No chance.

So I deleted most everything in the scene and rendered the splashes separately, and comped them in later.


I can keep on watching this! Magnificent footage, Hannes. The behaviour of this other idiot is great, I love it. The way he turns his head to look after his hat, beautiful find. And the movement of the bushes and so on really makes it perfect.
Another highlight in your TG accomplishments, for sure.


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F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. !!!  :)

I can even hear the news anchors of NBC and CBS leak storm warnings and then continue the program with "War of the Worlds"
(Could be that NBC had a commercial break at just this moment... if I remember correctly ;D )

Really fantastic! :)


Cheat or not, those splashes pelting the Chrysler trunk lid are awesome! Marvelous animation overall!


Just keep watching this over and over. Amazing work.


OMG! This is AWESOME STUFF!!!! WOW!!!!! 8)
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Stupendous Hannes! Do you feel finished with it now?

- Oshyan


Thanks a lot, guys!!!
I think, there's nothing more to add for this animation. But I'm thinking about optimizing the scene to make a better quality version of this. I did a test with higher resolution and better quality and found, that the rain itself looks a bit noisy. So, maybe rendering different passes and comping them together might be a solution.
But rendertimes are a big issue. There are lots of cloud layers, as you can imagine, and at this resolution (800X450px, 0.4/4) it takes about 25 minutes per frame. So, rendering in full HD and with better quality might be a nightmare. Klaus generously offered to help me out here. I'll see, what can be done.

Ariel DK

Impressive Hannes!
The guy is kinda: I should run for my hat, or for the tornado?  :D  is your animation, or mixamo maybe? looks great btw.
I was also going suggest the addition of some debris, but if you feel this finished with this, what can i said? ::)
I also was think that the bushes was animated outside of TG, but i notice that they go with the wind direction, and they are clearly random rotated...
As nobody mentioned this, maybe i just missed something important here??
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?


Thanks Ariel!!!
Yes, the guy is Mixamo-animated.
The (two sets of) bushes are animated within TG.
There's an animated PF for the Mesh deformation and the instances' Angles (x) are animated as well.
Since there is a random rotation in the y-axis, there is some fake randomness in the movement.


Great work, Hannes. Love the 1950's style of this one a lot more as well.