Terraman update - v3.6.1

Started by digitalguru, February 11, 2019, 04:58:26 pm

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February 11, 2019, 04:58:26 pm Last Edit: February 12, 2019, 11:13:54 am by digitalguru
Hi - I've just uploaded a new update to Terraman - please find it at:


   1.    Added Boolean from Projection Camera. This can be used to remove a section of terrain to replace with a higher resolution micro export from Terragen.
   2.    Added Terragen Coordinate Calculator from Projection Camera. This can convert into Terragen and World Machine coordinates.
   3.    Multiple baked cameras can be combined into one Composite camera. This can be useful for saving GI caches from a contiguous camera animation.
   4.    Add the option to convert .obj meshes to Arnold's stand-in format (.ass).   
   5.   Projection cameras can project a guide mask shader to aid in placement on a terrain.   
   6.   Delete Terrain now allows multi-selection.   
   7.    Make Terrain Live now deletes the Alembic cache from disk.   
   8.    Double click a terrain the Terraman Gui to select the mesh node.   
   9.    UV coordinates can now be projected onto a mesh from a projection camera.   
   10.   World Scale option menu in Gui now updates to reflect setting on WORLD_master_group.
   11.   If source camera has animated focal length,, this will be copied when using Duplicate and Bake Camera.
   12.  Terraman camera rigs can now be grouped in the Outliner.
   13.  Speed display now takes into account the terrain multiplier.

Bug fix:   
   1.    Fixed a bug for Obj Stand ins that caused them to scale incorrectly with different World Scales.
   2.    Fixed "Preserve UV" in Mesh Processing.

Hopefully, I'll get some time this week to do some quick tuts on the new features.


Bug fix uploaded v3.6.02

Change log v3.6.02:   

Bug fix:   
   1.    Fixed a bug for Create VDM Tiled Planes to account for a parameter name changed by Arnold that caused the procedure to fail.

D.A. Bentley

Does it work with Maya 2019?



February 12, 2019, 11:19:48 am #2 Last Edit: February 12, 2019, 11:23:38 am by digitalguru
Hasn't been tested on Maya 2019, though it's more a case of updates to Arnold that I need to keep track of. There are some differences from Maya 2016 to Maya 2017 and some in major Arnold versions, but the script should detect these version and run accordingly, though I can't always keep track of all permutations in software versions.

Case in point, just tested with an update to Arnold to find a parameter name had changed - this is now fixed and updated as v3.6.02 (see the previous post).

Try it out, if you find any bugs, please pm me and I'll fix them. Include any relevant output from Maya's script editor that might help.