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Started by dorianvan, February 13, 2019, 02:12:22 pm

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Here's the trailer for the movie that Ulco and I worked on.


Congrats to you both.
Can you talk about in what extend and how long you worked on it?


Thanks Kadri. We worked off and on for about a year and did 25 shots for the film; plus I think they are re-using some shots from the first film (close to 100 shots in 1 3/4 years). Ulco created some great environments for us and CJ and I added all the animation and editing. It was great to see the first film in the theater so we're looking forward to this second one.


I think it's only playing in the US for now but I'm sure DVD's and BluRays will be available after the showing.


I searched a bit right now. Yes it looks so.


Yes, this was fun to do, and it's nice to see some of our work already in the trailer; at 1.41, 1.50, 1.55, 1.59, 2.02. Short shots though. I'm looking forward to a complete viewing too.


Congrats! This is so great!!


Congrats guys, looks interesting
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Very cool - congratulations!


Very very impressive!
And I was pleased to find some scenes I knew from the forum here again :)

But not the automatic youtube subtitle translation... I switched it off after showing me: "Hebräisch ist eine Art Knoblauch" what means "Hebrew is a kind of garlic" ;D


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OMG guys! I need to catch this in the theater if I can. The topic is interesting and your shots are bound to be impressive! Congrats.

Edit: March 19th is when I plan to see it. Multiple theaters have it here. Can't wait!


Appreciate the the comments guys.