Path tracing reflections

Started by Hannes, March 26, 2019, 08:33:18 am

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I don't know, if this has been mentioned before, but I think it's interesting that if you enable the path tracer and you have a default shader assigned to an object and enable reflections with an appropriate IOR you have perfect reflections without using an extra reflective shader.

In the reflective shader disabling "raytraced reflections" has no effect. There are still the same reflections. Rendertime is exactly the same, no matter if ray trace reflections are on or off.
That's probably how path tracing works, but I think, it's good to know.

Something else: if you want to have blurred reflections in a reflective shader (still with path tracing enabled) "reflection softness" doesn't seem to have any effect as well. It's "specular roughness" that blurs reflections.


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It's become more in line with most path tracing apps now, separation of reflection and specular are gone now.

Though I'm not sure if the TG shaders are physically correct when using the path tracer.


We are working toward more physically correct shading, exactly. And yes, some of the old parameters are no longer used or work a bit differently. Previously reflections were not ray traced unless the raytraced reflections option was enabled. With path tracing they are *always* ray traced. So that option does nothing. It is a more unified method to render the scene.

- Oshyan