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Started by Hannes, July 29, 2019, 04:42:43 am

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A 300 frames animation. Took a few weeks to render. Several layers, since the main scenery is rendered with the path tracer, and others are not because of some semi transparent stuff made with Ulco's glass- (or water-) shader solution, which doesn't work yet with the path tracer.
There is some post processing, mainly glow stuff, and the sharp transition of the "force field" on the ship (After effects - "find edges" effect), but most of the stuff is basically rendered in TG.


Wow, that's incredible! The forcefield is stunning! Great job. Lots to see if you look at it a few times.


Oh that is good.
Impressive work!

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Hammer! Great!
I am always thrilled again about your great technics...
A few weeks? --- Thats usually the time I need  to understand one single node ;D

I am curious just because I used a similar rotating warning light in my hangar. Did you use a rotating spot?
I constructed a real rotating mirror beacon with wings 3D and placed a lightsource in the middle... and yours? ;)

I hope one day I'll get as used to the usage of clouds and as high skills to get similarly good nozzle beams like yours! Compliment


Excellent! Your hangar was actually one of the first things I tested the path tracer on, and I thought about talking to you about an animation a bit later. I'm glad to see you did it in your own, and the results are great. The force field effect is super cool!

- Oshyan


Thanks a lot, guys!!! :) :) :)
Yes Oshyan, the path tracer makes a BIG difference. It looks waaay better.

Nils, for the alarm light I used a mix of rotating objects and rotating spotlights. The exhaust flames (or whatever they are called) are actually objects with a semi transparent and partly selfilluminated shader mix. I used some glow and a little animated distortion as post effect. So, sorry, no clouds... ;)