Burial chamber

Started by Dune, August 27, 2019, 01:26:11 am

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Next commission is going to be a settlement around 5000-2750 BC, when early farmers used the big boulders taken here by the Ice Age to build burial chambers (hunebedden). So, I did this hole in the ground in mudbox for a vector displacement map, and put three spheres in it. Hopefully get this to be a believable burial chamber, opened up to add the poor fellow lying on the ground.
This is a composition test, as it has to fit in a book (spread).


Good luck, Ulco :)

Nice to see again how one of these epic masterpieces ist started :)


Quote from: DocCharly65 on August 27, 2019, 01:40:51 amGood luck, Ulco :)

Nice to see again how one of these epic masterpieces ist started :)
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Great to see how you start. Look foreward to seeing more.


Perhaps the burial chamber can be completed in time for Halloween? That would certainly be appropriate !  ;D


A good start (remember to avoid the centre line fold as it's a book! ;) ).
I'm interested in the Mudbox vector displacement map technique, still trying to figure out that stuff.

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Yes, I keep that center in my mind. Makes it a bit more difficult to get a good composition, but it's important. I was just talking to an archaeologist, and he is convinced the burial chambers have their 'entrance' to the east (sunrise), so in fact this composition is impossible.  All sorts of things to take into account.
Just made some better entrance rocks in ZB. The vdisp map I made by working on a quite subdivided plane in mudbox, then adding a new plane and letting mudbox calculate the (world) vector displacement difference between the two. In TG I only have to import the 32-bit tiff as lineair image map and feed into vdisp shader, change some values (-Z and small displacement), getting it to work. Very easy.

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Already looks great! Looking forward to your progress.


An expert just told me that these burial chambers weren't located this close to a stream (though there is a tendency to built the rather close to water), so I have to rethink the whole setup..... too bad it's supposed to be scientifically correct :(


Sure glad I don't have to rely on TG for making a living - I'd be in the poor house!

But you have a talent that makes it work for you and your clients and that's great.  Good luck - it's got promise, for sure.
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New setup. Needs filling in and adjustments, but the base is there. I want the stream to be more visible (and the small lake isn't visible at all), so I need to open up the woods a bit.


Terrific render, very convincing in every way.


Wow, great render! The grass is awesome, lots of color variation and detail.


Defer all is the way to go on this one, I realized. Only some sand and water in the distance are not covered by objects. I just rendered at 3000x1500 with soft shadow samples 2, robust sampling with 1/256 first sample, MPD 0.5 and AA6 and it took only 50mins. For the book I will need a render of 6600x3300 eventually.