White (and red) spots/specks problem with Xfrog OBJ files...

Started by narvik, November 11, 2007, 11:14:14 AM

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I thought I had all the white spots taken care of, but after looking at several renders of an animation, I still have some remaining.
I know TG2 has some "issues" with transparencies of leaves, but my settings appear to be okay on all the leaves.

Not sure what else to do; unfortunately the whole animation NEEDS this one particular plant.

Would it be possible to export as a TGO and use that instead? Would that possibly fix the issue?

(there's occasional spots that appear, even on the water surface, that sometimes are red, but mostly white).

Any advice much appreciated...


It would help a great deal if you could post some image examples of the problem. Without seeing exactly what's happening it's very hard to diagnose as there are many possible causes, from alpha issues to GI problems to shadow errors.

- Oshyan


Yes, of course...
Here's one frame. The specks move around, and aren't in each frame.

Here's another render with one Xfrog tree removed.
Oddly, there's some red specks and white specks in the water...