Terragen 4 population object

Started by Soulbringer, October 25, 2019, 04:08:04 am

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I can't get my population to show on the preview screen. When I set the object to member of population it disappears. However when I set the object to individual it sees it. It only seems to be affected with the TGO reader.


Did you import/add a population from the object tab? Then there should be a 1x1k area at 0/0/0 where the object will make its instances. The object is then already set as member of a population, which it should be.
If you can't figure it out, can you post a tgd?


It's hard to be sure what's going on without seeing your specific configuration, but as Dune indicates, you can't simply set an object to "Member of a population" to create a population. You need a Populator node with the object inside it and set to "Member of a population". The best and easiest way to set it up right is just to create a Population from the beginning.

If that doesn't clear things up, perhaps you can post a .tgd or screenshot of your node network and settings.

- Oshyan


Simple changing a loaded OBJ/TGO as a member of a population, doesn't make them a member of a population. You have to Add a population through the objects tab or Right Click -> Create Population (fastest)