Multi Tile UV/UDIM workflow for Terragen

Started by dineshatca, December 15, 2019, 05:29:07 PM

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I was working on a castle project for a while in Maya. One of my co worker suggested to use Terragen for atmosphere and clouds. Since I already textured the castle in UDIM tiles. I dont want to re-do the entire thing again. After doing some research in this forum, I found a way to do it. I want to share with other people, who are struggling to get it working.

The tutorial is for Maya to Terragen. This concept can be applied to any other software's eventually.

Here, I explained the process

Created a simple 3-sided face object in Maya with three UDIMS as below

Took that object and textured in mari and textured in such a way numeric 1 for 1001,numeric 2 for 1002 and numeric 3 for 1003. As shown below

Now in Maya, Select the appropriate UV tiles by selecting the faces and assign a lambert shader as below and name it p1001_SHD for 1001 and vice versa. As shown below

Now export the object as an .obj

In Terragen go the object shading network and go to appropriate shading UDIM network and map the textures accordingly. VIOLa!!! now you assigned UDIM textures in Terragen.

If you couldn't follow this here. I created a video below this will give more clarity.

Thanks for your support. I learned a lot of stuff just going through this forum.

You guys are doing a great job.



Thanks Dinesh, this is great! Do you mind if we publish this on our website under "Tips and Tricks", credited to you and referring back to this post? You can see other posts here:
It would be similar to the "Working with PBR Materials" example:

- Oshyan



Great, we'll put it up next week and post it on our socials. :D

- Oshyan


I wonder if this lowers the filesize/compu vs object parts? If so, It would probably be good practice for Terragen-based objects vs multiple parts. Thanks for sharing this.