Crop when rendered from command line

Started by james adamson, March 04, 2020, 06:22:15 pm

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james adamson

Hi all this is a question for Matt or Oshyan really.
I have submitted a job to Pixel Plow as a test render to get an idea of movement and noise. I tested a number of frames my end at 960x540.
The full renders came to 78.75 mins based on an average of five frames. For the upload I enable the crop and got the render down to 32 minutes per frame.
I uploaded the cropped setup and the renders were coming out at 66 minutes give or take per frame and the cost was more than double what the estimator predicted. I am very much hoping that at render the crop was not taken into account. Does this sound likely?
I am sure I could have said all this with less words but brevity has never been my strong suit!
Fingers crossed.