Sub-surface scattering

Started by KyL, March 08, 2020, 11:05:41 am

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Hello there,

With the help of Matt, I made a detailed tutorial exploring Terragen's sub-surface scattering.
It is available as a PDF here and also on the Terragen wiki

If you are curious about the great capabilities of the Glass Shader, have a look!



Thanks for all the work diving into this. Lots of work here. Though I do feel a bit added about using transmission maps would be beneficial. Sometimes not everything has subsurface scattering in a material.

Also maybe this should be in announcements?


Thank you! Looking forward to working through this!


Thanks very much, KyL! Top work!


Thanks for putting this together, it's super clear and helpful. I'll be referencing this often!


Thanks for the feedback!

I am curious to see what you guys create :)


Terrific! just what's needed.

Mid-Knight Acchan

Thank you for your valuable guide.
I am the creator of the wiki page translated into Japanese.
Please forgive me to borrow this guide.
I started 3D landscape with "Bryce" and am currently editing Japanese Wiki as a Terragen user. I am riding the Kawasaki ZEPHYR1100. I am a reader.


Thanks very much, a valuable reference.
something borrowed,
something Blue.
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