Simple shapes as populations

Started by Moodles, April 14, 2020, 06:12:31 pm

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Hey guys, I've seen how populations of objects can be scattered across a surface in Terragen.
Is there a way to 'scatter' simple shapes along the X and Z axis in Terragen using a single simple shape shader?


I don't think so, but that would be cool. And image maps, too.


Not that I'm aware of, but there might be workarounds. What's the purpose?


The shader array can do that, but rendering is slooow.


@Dune hey, I'm using your fantastic cloud column tgd as the basis for an anvil type cloud. Where the simple shapes mask the definition I'm trying to scatter these to get multiple columns. I'm trying a power fractal with a Y noise-stretch but it looks a bit janky by comparison

@René thanks! Tried that last night but it's a bit too uniform, might be able to warp the output though?


Maybe a voronoi with low amplitude can give you the right 'blobs'.


So far, so good, now I just need to reduce things so it looks less like a Grad barrage and more like clouds