Node panel wish list (it's short)

Started by sboerner, April 19, 2020, 01:23:03 PM

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Actually, it's just one thing: Text input fields for the main and child inputs. It would be great to be able to edit these the same way as all the other inputs. Especially when connecting nodes buried deep in internal networks. Right clicking and scrolling through hundreds of nodes (and sometimes through flyouts) is just not efficient.


Interesting feature. If that doesn't take too much space, I guess it would be handy. But to more easily find the nodes to be linked, it's handy to give them a 1 or A prefix, so they're right on top of the list.


This would be nice. I'd also love Main Input to be exposed within internal networks. For example, the Null Shader could be used for more complex shaders that could be exported as TGC allowing the main input to be pipped from within the internal node without having to name it. Especially for third-party use and having to explain "you need to hookup your main terrain here" or whatever