Distorting the edge of a distance shader ???

Started by pclavett, May 02, 2020, 11:33:23 am

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Is there any way of distorting the edge of a distance shader (or painted shader) so as to not have a straight line. The warp shader does not seem to work with the distance shader. Any way around this ??? The only way that I have found that may break the straight line was producing a fractal and substracting it but despite the breakup.....you can still find a straight edge when you look from a distance.... and the fractal breaks all the distance chader and not just the edge !
Sorry for bothering you.....just coming back after years of inactivity with Terragen and rather rusty ! Thanks !


With the painted shader you can switch from final position to position in terrain and it should work to warp. Distance shader doesn't, afaik. Perhaps use a simple shape instead or a get position from texture and some math... depends on what you want to achieve.