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Started by WAS, May 15, 2020, 03:10:32 PM

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Does the crater shader have a continuity issue?

The skirt always creates a hard ring and is hard to defeat, even when it's totally smooth, it's present. At global scales, it look really bad. Here is a inverted crater to see it easier. Skirt doesn't blend right and it reminds me of surface layer blending of fuzzy zone. If you go over a certain smoothness for global scales to have a realistic huge crater, it creates a hard ring effect at the crater rim.


Super soft large crater dimple ring


Here is crater shader from my crater generator with proportional settings from default crater. Some have center dimples, some have hard rings depending on scale. The only settings varied at the right tightness and softness. Softness 0.2, 0.3 being used and tightness 2,3 being used randomly per crater.


It just seems the blending between skirt and rim is too hard.


I also find the crater shader to be a tad difficult to work with. This is why I use SSS most of the time. One can shape the rim and skirt any way they could imagine.

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Or use soft dots and some varied masking for global craters.


Quote from: Dune on May 21, 2020, 11:29:17 AMOr use soft dots and some varied masking for global craters.
Yeah I have a whole procedural crater setup. Slower than a dog. Which is why I wrote the crater generator.

This seems to just be a continuity issue between the skirt and rim. Cause even if you go completely soft a line will remain just like with the surface shaders blending before fix.

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