Light Source - Glow in CLOUDS

Started by WAS, May 31, 2020, 02:52:59 PM

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I think it would be great if there was Glow in Clouds feature, on top of the Glow in Atmosphere. Ramping up Atmosphere samples to handle a light source glow ontop of AA and haze quality is overkill and effects the entire scene down to sunlight, cloud shadows, etc. That way you could check Glow in Clouds, and uncheck glow in atmosphere, and use a simple v2 cloud haze with shadows disable for your bloom source, and use it's quality settings independent of the atmosphere, which have a far less a impact.

An example of this is, without atmosphere, and a v2 cloud layer with 2 quality and voxel at 1000 I can get nice almost completely noise-less glows from my fireflies (at 3440x1440). However with atmosphere, it's a noise show with even 36 samples in the atmosphere, and that samples setting drives the 1.5hr render times to over 6 hours... AA 8, MPD 7 (for foliage/up close shaders).


This is what I plan to include in my NWDA entry. Not seeing too much noise with the current settings luckily... But having a glow affecting cloud only (or even one cloud layer instead of clouds in general) could make the day easier.
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Fireflies in my scene at a distance seem to be fine but when they are close to the camera I can see the secondary glow of the atmosphere within the cloud layers glow ball in the center, and it's just all pixel particles. Samples already at 36 adding 5 hours to render.