Populator Progress Window flickering and more strangeness

Started by KlausK, July 09, 2020, 01:38:27 pm

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I just noticed that in Frontier Build 4.5.38 the "Populator Progress Window" is flickering like crazy and does not really sit on top of the Main Window of TG.
Using the Mesh Modifier / Mesh Displacer --> Alpine Fractal Shader and Subdivide Mesh=3 on a native Rock population. number of Faces were 100, Diameter 10.
So when loading the scene TG starts to calculate the Members of the Population and without even rather low CPU usage (~10%) it locks my screen pretty badly
and flickers and jumps back and forth in the Z-plane (is that what you call the Screen Depth?).

And I cannot stop the calculation, without ending the program via the Task Manager.
This is Windows 7 - Specs in my Signature.

Also the Mesh Modifier seems to have trouble to update itself once the first calculation is done.
Changes in the Mesh Displacer Shader do not always get carried through to the objects in the pop.
Not sure if I ever read something about a workaround for this. I forgot.

Does anyone else know about this?

CHeers, Klaus
/ ASUS WS Mainboard / Dual XEON E5-2640v3 / 64GB RAM / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 TI / Win7 Ultimate


I do know that the populator windows doesn't sit quietly on screen, but tends to 'hide' half. Can't be stopped unless you know where the cancel button is. That works for me. But I hardly ever use mesh displacing and populating at the same time.