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Started by james adamson, August 28, 2020, 06:48:34 pm

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james adamson

Hi all.
I have a model which I have loaded in Modo to look at the FBX file as the obj was not displaying textures correctly in Terragen. It turns out there were a few uv maps assigned to this object called uv channel 1 2 3 and 10. I changed it to 10 and the texture map then showed correctly. I exported this as an obj but the texture is still showing incorrectly in Terragen. Does anyone know how I correct this.


There might be several maps assigned to one part. You's have to check that in Modo I suppose (I work in Lightwave). Maybe you can also check in Poseray whether UV looks okay. If not change UV assigning to different parts in Modo.

james adamson

Got it working.