A Variation on Mr Birdmans Theme

Started by mr-miley, November 26, 2007, 07:43:32 pm

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Hi all.

Just to post a link to a modification of Harvey Birdmans' most excelent Manzanitas tgo http://forums.planetside.co.uk/index.php?topic=2804.0

I only modified one of the examples (cause I'm too lazy to do 'em all)

Hope you don't mind Harvey  ;D

The link to mine http://www.gintdev.co.uk/mr-miley/manzanitas.html

Its not on the normal down load page of my site (again, cause I'm too lazy to modify that page at 12:30 am) but I shall post it over there tomorrow, along with Harveys original


Miles  ;)

I love the smell of caffine in the morning

Harvey Birdman

'Robert's my fathers brother'?


That's great! Doesn't really look like manzanita anymore (they have the really smooth red bark), but it's a bitchin' little bush! You'll have to do up the whole set. It really does look good.

Actually, my mother did have a brother named Robert...   :D