Do you "save as" or "export as"?

Started by N-drju, January 13, 2021, 02:05:07 am

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I've been browsing through the Artstation image and print requirements recently and there was one thing that intrigued me...

They recommend that any finished image coming out from your favorite graphics program, should be exported, rather than saved as a target file. According to their page, this ensures the best color accuracy and prevents images from glitching out when placed on the web and compressed.

So I have a question to the "Village Elders" - do you indeed export your images or just save them anyway?

Kadri, if you are around here, do speak your mind out. I see you are posting to ArtStation and I'm curious to hear your say on the matter.
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When I did prints for information boards and had to print folders, I exported as certified PDF, which is the most accurate, especially if you use an icc of the printer. That's all I know.